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Why WE Create This Site???



– We are not love-love for people and HACK HACK FB FB people are not our hobby.

– We are running SECURITY TESTER who seek work in the IT weaknesses FB

– We try to save your FB who fell into the hands org is not responsible

– We want you teamed up to safety features which need to be taken when ONLINE.

– We act for the high risk of asceticism menyedari you exert too much info online cloning.

– We cuba perpetuate the intention to help you keep safe in the cyber world.


– SECURITY TESTER We do not occasionally use any SOFTWARE / TOOLS to HACK ubiquitous Facebook account. We use the method identified the SOCIAL ENGINEERING for any weaknesses that may be fixed by the sipemilik FB account.


– We are not responsible for any loss above that apply after the takeover of our side of the ubiquitous Facebook account that has been taken over.

– We also did not occasionally remove, delete or menjahanamkan your FB account.

– We are not responsibility is above all the comments / POST from Friends / Fan your FB account.

– We do not sell any information to third parties cloning.

– We do not want to have your account more than 10 days but the demands are not accepted.

4) Take Over

– Any owner who actually FB account was taken over by our party should be prosecuted 24 hours after the takeover regulations.

– Any claims will be processed in a period of 3 working days.

– FB account the true owner may contact us via email: rilekscrew [at] yahoo [dot] com

– Transfer of property to the true owner may proceed if several unfavorable factors on our side received such HAMUN Maki, slander, CEMUHAN and so on.

– FB accounts who are not charged within the 10 days so will be taken over 100% or delete.

– FB account which exceed the limits CURSE and KPD NEGATIVE comments will also be on our side DELETE


– We’re just ordinary beings who are weak to resist the power of GOD xberdaya SWT.


– We belong to the Party WHITE HAT.

– We are berkumpulan and every action we were being watched by the heads of us.

– We are not penjenayah mahupun thieves and should not be held as penyangak.

– We are not professionals but we must be professional.

– We have not got dressed with ubiquitous mahupun the Agency Board is not the Kingdom of the Kingdom.

– We are good slaves .. hehehe ..

6) defendant WE?

– We do not have the right to receive everywhere charges brought to us by the kerana everywhere we do not occasionally do any cyber jenayah like that already described above.

– We run aktiviti PREVENT and save it for you in vain and useless to open in perkhidmatan provided by the Forum where the TERMS & PRIVACY have anything on his own perjelaskan by Facebook.

– There is no applicable kerosakkan Server Facebook eke in what form.


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